The Online Multiplayer of PlayStation 4 Will Be Free For Everyone For Five Days

To access the online multiplayer mode in most of the PlayStation 4 games it is mandatory to have a PlayStation Plus payment subscription, although Sony has decided to skip this restriction for a few days.

To this end, it has announced the Open Multiplayer promotion through which all PS4 users who are not active PlayStation Plus members can enjoy the online multiplayer of any title. This will be possible from this Wednesday, November 15 at 11: 00h in Spain until Monday, November 20 at the same time.

Thanks to this possibility you can enjoy the multiplayer of recent games such as ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ or ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ or others that have been on sale for a few weeks, among which is ‘Destiny 2’ or any other it occurs to you.

It is important to note that the promotion only applies to the multiplayer mode, so it will not be possible to access the rest of the functions or programs that require a subscription. A great example of this situation are exclusive discounts or games that can be downloaded monthly.

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