Only 7% of Cuphead players on Xbox One have been able to finish it

Among the video games published last year, one of the most awarded, mainly for its brilliant artistic section, has been ‘Cuphead’. However, that is not the only thing that has made the title of Studio MDHR special, which also highlights its gameplay, although for the vast majority of players it seems to have been a headache.

And we are not referring to its control system, but to its difficulty. At the time when the game was published last September we highlighted that the battles against the final bosses had their crumbs and were going to require numerous attempts to defeat them all, even more if what was sought was to obtain the perfect score .

Cuphead Final Boss

Well, SegmentNext has reviewed the percentage of users who have unlocked certain achievements in ‘Cuphead’ and only 7% of the players who have the game on Xbox One have achieved the achievement of defeating the last final boss, a considerably low figure.

However, the doubt that this data generates is whether it really is because it has been impossible for the players to play the game? Or, on the contrary, has it not finished attracting enough attention to continue playing until the end? In Steam, for example, the situation does not improve much, since in this version the amount only increases to 12.5% ​​of users.

In any case, it will not be because ‘Cuphead’ has had a bad reception with all the prizes it has been awarded, the more than two million units it has sold worldwide and the good reviews it has received. A great must.

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