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Just Cause 4 is announced with this fabulous trailer full of shots, explosions and tornadoes! [E3 2018]

The leaks that have occurred these days, especially this morning with their first images, left no room for doubt, but if there was still some distrustful, at the Microsoft conference of E3 2018 has officially announced the development of ‘Just Cause 4 ‘. As we saw in the screenshots, Rico Rodríguez will be back in […]

Tales of Vesperia will have a Definitive Edition for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC [E3 2018]

Ten years have passed since the launch of the original ‘Tales of Vesperia’ and Bandai Namco wanted to celebrate this moment announced ‘Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition’, which has been seen moving with its first official trailer at the Microsoft conference of E3 2018. It will be a remastering of the acclaimed JRPG that was […]

Session will not be the highly anticipated Skate 4, but its trailer already points ways [E3 2018]

Between the last bars of the 90s and the first years after the turn of the millennium there was a fever for skateboarding, both on the streets and on the consoles. Unfortunately – although after deserved creative attrition – the digital proposal ended up disappearing despite such interesting games as ‘Skate’ and its sequels. Today, […]