Pokémon Crystal celebrates its return for Nintendo 3DS with this launch trailer

Following in the footsteps of ‘Pokémon Azul’, ‘Pokémon Rojo’ or Pokémon Amarillo ‘, Nintendo has published in the eShop of Nintendo 3DS the’ Pokémon Cristal ‘edition, the improved and more complete version of’ Pokémon Oro ‘and’ Pokémon Plata ‘ , which are also available in the portable console.

The title will be identical to the one we had the opportunity to play in Game Boy Color 16 years ago, telling us the same story as Gold and Silver, but with the addition of an additional mission related to Suicune, one of the Pokémon that is part of the trio of Legendary Dogs that was introduced for the first time in these games.

On the occasion of its release, Nintendo has released a new trailer that shows some of its most important features, highlighting the fact that thanks to the wireless connection of the current consoles will be possible to transfer any Pokémon from one Nintendo 3DS to another without the need of use cables, which was the method that had to be used originally.

‘Pokémon Cristal’ is for sale with a price of 9.99 euros and it is always a good time to take it if you have never played it before discovering how the Pokémon saga has changed since this was one of his first deliveries to the most current

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