Pokémon exchanges, friends list and gifts will finally reach Pokémon GO this week

Of all the functions that are missing in ‘Pokémon GO’, one of the most demanded since the launch of the game a couple of years ago is the possibility of exchanging Pokémon with our friends. It has cost, but finally Niantic has officially confirmed that this desired function will take effect this week.

Users can connect with their real-life friends to share experiences. For this, it is necessary that the other person indicates his Coach code, an exclusive ID number per person. Once written, a friend request will be sent and, in case it is accepted, those two people will automatically become friends in the game and will see the information reflected in a list of friends that will be implemented.
Pokemon Go Exchanges 02

As a novelty, when turning a Fotodisco it is possible to get a special gift. These gifts can only be sent to friends, where it hides very useful objects and a postcard with the place where it was obtained. Among the surprises within the gift there may even be a Pokémon Egg that will contain the Alola form of some of the Pokémon in the Kanto region.

In addition, the friendship between two people can be reinforced by sending a gift or participating together in gymnastics or raids. As the friendship increases, you can unlock an attack bonus in these battles, but it is only possible to increase the level once a day. At the same time it is possible to raise the level based on exchanging Pokémon, which is definitely what you gain the most.

It will only be possible to make exchanges with people who are located near us and who have at least level 10 of Coach. For each exchange, that person will get a candy from the Pokémon that he has received, and may even get many more in the event that the exchanged Pokémon have been captured far away from each other.
Pokemon Go Exchanges 03

Of course, to avoid thousands of exchanges without stopping to complete the Pokédex and win candies without stopping, each of them will require using a certain amount of powders that will vary depending on the creatures selected. At least the amount that will be requested will be reduced in the event that the friendship is high enough.

On the other hand, the legendary Pokémon, the bright Pokémon or those that do not appear in our Pokédex can only be exchanged once a day and only among people whose friendship level is huge and in exchange for a very large amount of powders. Anyway, every time ‘Pokémon GO’ is becoming more complete and much better. When do the combats between players?

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