Pokémon GO welcomes the new batch of Pokémon with an exquisite trailer narrated by Stephen Fry

Since the end of last year, the fauna of the Hoenn region happily walks around ‘Pokémon GO’. Now, new third generation Pokémon expand the Pokédex of our mobiles. And Niantic knows very well how to invite us to discover this new variety of pocket monsters.

To welcome Plusle, Minun, Mawile, Masquerain and the huge Wailord, among others, Nintendo and Niantic have prepared a fascinating trailer of just one minute, but that will delight the fans of Pikachu and company.

Borrowing the style of documentaries about nature, the trailer takes us to all kinds of locations spread across the globe: from the heights of majestic snow-capped mountains to the depths of the oceans, through leafy forests, calm lakes and urban environments. A caramelito for the sight.

These majestic scenes of Pokémon in the wild are intended to inspire Pokémon Trainers to go out and search for Pokémon from the Hoenn region that have begun to appear in the real world in Pokémon GO. Go explore!

‘Pokémon Go’ adds good excuses to resume our Coaching career, in addition to the new Pokémon remittance, events such as the days of the Community are added. We do not know when we will have an outbreak of yellow fever again, but it is clear that Pokémon has never gone out of fashion.

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