Prepare Your Sword! For Honor Announces its Free Weekend in Consoles and PC

It does not matter which of the three factions you are loyal to: The Vikings, Knights and Samurais of ‘For Honor‘ will recruit players from Xbox One, PS4 and PC over the weekend to dye the battlefields of blood and steel , And Ubisoft proposes that you be part of this crazy butchery.

From August 10th to 13th of the same month it will be possible to download the war game from Ubisoft Montreal and test our war skills, which includes access to 14th deadly warriors, all multiplayer modes (Duel, Fighting, Dominion , Skirmish and Elimination) and its story mode.

In fact, it is already possible to pre-download the free version of ‘For Honor’. Of course, to download the Xbox One we will need a Gold subscription, while PS4 will only need PS Plus if we want to approach online modes.

In the case of PC, the only requirement (besides the equipment itself) will be to have a UPlay account, which can be done in a matter of minutes. However, console users will have just over an extra day to unleash their anger on the battlefield.

An incentive more than interesting, especially considering that on August 15 starts Resentment and Glory: the third season of the game that will add new content and warriors. Now, as is tradition, Ubisoft will allow us to preserve our progress during its Free Weekend, and anticipates that the title can be purchased in digital at a discounted price temporarily.

Prepare your knight, your axes or your katana because this weekend will play the fate of the three factions, and that means that there will be lots of enemies willing to test our dominion of steel … and our appetite for destruction !

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