The Red Goddess stars in Agony’s creepy trailer

Since summer there has been no talk of ‘Agony’, the new project of Madmind Studio with which the company is willing to make us pass it wrong in the most terrifying way possible. Proof of this are the first gameplay that have been seen in recent months, although this time the new trailer is more different.

The reason is that in it we have wanted to present the Red Goddess, one of the most evil characters that we will find on this trip to hell itself. Neither is that more details have been provided, but it looks like it will be someone very important if you look at the amount of demons that surround you everywhere.

In case there is someone who does not remember, ‘Agony’ is a survival horror in the first person in which we will control a tormented soul who has no memory of his past. To escape from this place will have the ability to control other people or even some demons whose mind is quite weak.

Its release date is still a mystery, but what is clear at this point is that it will not go on sale until 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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