Ristar Joins SEGA Forever, You Can Now Download it for FREE on iOS and Android

The collection of mobile games SEGA Forever continues to grow with the timelessest gems of the company of the bluish hedgehog, and if at the end of July saw the return of the very Shinobi, today comes the turn to the star – in the literal sense of SEGA: you can now download free ‘Ristar’ on iOS and Android devices.

SEGA Forever retrieves a selection of classic SEGA games for mobile devices, offering interesting new features such as the ability to save the game or participate in world rankings. The idea is to give the user the ability to download and play each title totally free with ads or pay only once to remove them.

As a curious fact, the origin of Ristar was closely related to the other star of SEGA: during the process of creating Sonic, one of the ideas that would not pass the cut revolved around a rabbit with extensible ears.

That concept would be recovered for a new platform and with a new hero who could deploy his arms both to move and to attack his enemies along six levels full of color and pixelated fun.

The 16 bits of the Megadrive served to consecrate a difficult number to limit pet platforms, and it was that they were of all shapes, colors and sizes. But everyone knew that if SEGA was behind the project, the game was aiming to become a timeless classic and ‘Ristar’ is the best example of it.

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