Rocket League already has more than 40 million players around the world

When a game is successful it shows and the fact that Psyonix has not stopped adding new content and updates for ‘Rocket League’ during these years has been a way of rewarding the support that the players have not stopped giving since the award-winning title was launched in July 2015.

Now it’s news again after having scored another record for having managed to surpass 40 million players worldwide, a really overwhelming figure that only makes it clear that we are not talking about any game and with which It is easy to spend the hours of entertainment and piques with friends in each game that is played.

The fact that it has been released in all desktop systems there is no doubt that it has also been a great boost for it to have gone so far, since it should not be forgotten that recently it has also been published on Nintendo Switch last November , so it could not have started 2018 with better news.

In all this time the popularity of ‘Rocket League’ has not stopped increasing and in the coming months we will discover that more surprises Psyonix has in preparation to overcome, at least, 50 million, which at this rate it would not be surprising that Get it sooner or later.

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