4 Saiyans in Dragon Ball FighterZ: Trunks is the 7th Fighter

Dragon Ball FighterZ became one of the best surprisesof the past E3 and it was a matter of time before the young man who came from the future made an appearance: Trunks is the seventh confirmed fighter for the next fight game Bandai Namco and with him it is confirmed that will be present the four super saiyans who attended the Game of Cell.

As indicated by Gematsu, the latest issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Jump has announced through a capture that the teen version of the son of Vegeta and Bulma could not miss the appointment, and this time will appear with the same look with The one that made debut in the Manga and the series of Anime, jacket of the Capsule Corp. and sword included.

The truth is that Trunks has always been one of the most important figures in Toriyama’s work, being the absolute protagonist of his own timeline and a transcendental character in both ‘Dragon Ball GT’ and ‘Dragon Ball Super’. In fact, he is one of the main characters of games like the saga ‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse’ or ‘Dragon Ball Online’.

In the absence of seeing it in motion, we are sure that, as in the six fighters already seen, Arc System Works will base its catalog of movement on the original vignettes and scenes of the animated series, which translates into movements that take His inspiration in the style of Son Gohan and his father. For now, and according to the image seen, the appearance of your Heat Dome Attack is guaranteed.

With Trunks in the game, Bandai Namco has shown a true saiyans poker that will delight the fans of the series and those who are passionate about fighting games, and the best thing is that there are several fighters to reveal for what it’s worth Be as Piccolo or Krillin. For now, Dragon World’s most powerful warriors have a new date on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in early 2018.


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