This is Scorn, The terrifying FPS That Will Delight Fans of David Cronenberg and H. R. Giger

David Cronenberg is known for many things, but perhaps being one of the main drivers of the well-known body horror, a kind of subgenre that bets to blur the differences between the mechanical and the organic, facilitates that we relate – at least , visually – with ‘Scorn’, the debut feature of the Ebb Software studio.

‘Scorn’ defines itself as an atmospheric horror adventure in the first person, but for practical purposes we will have to explore and survive a macabre stage full of corridors and rooms with an organic touch. Obviously, it should be prepared for anything eventuality and, in fact, our own weapons will have a particularly sinister and dark appearance, according to what has been seen.

In ‘Scorn’ we will find puzzles that will test our modesty, reminding to a large extent the work of special effects specialist H. R. Giger (creator of the look and aesthetics of the first films of ‘Alien’). Of course, the weight of the proposal lies in the atmosphere of game that is offered to the player, and to show here you have your first gameplay.

The project is currently in Kickstarter and in just one day has obtained a third of the 150,000 euros that the study Ebb Software has proposed as a goal for the first of the two parties in which will be divided ‘Scorn’ arrive next year on PC. Of course, with interesting incentives for those who bet on the project.

In fact, one of the most interesting claims to contribute to the initiative is that all bakers will have access to a demo, which is expected to coincide with the end of the campaign. An interesting way to promote initiative and feedback from the first minute. At the moment, there is almost a month of campaign ahead.

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