Shadow the Hedgehog of the Colossus, this is the craziest crossing between Sonic’s rival and the giants

In VidaExtra we are very fans of Freddie Wong. We have been following the co-creator of Video Game High School practically since its inception, and we have echoed many of his experiments related to video games, such as Mario in the first person, the trailer of ‘Battlefield 4’ before the video game itself , or how it would be ‘Super Mario Kart’ in the real world.

His latest work through his studio RocketJump, mixes two universes: the one of ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ with Shadow the Hedgehog, rival of Sonic.

The striking thing is that this crazy crossing works better than expected, and we would love for some modder to make it come true in the form of a video game.

What do you think.

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