Shin Akuma is selectable in Ultra Street Fighter II and these are the five “simple” steps that unlock it

The most aggressive versions of Ryu and Ken are one of the claims of ‘Ultra Street Fighter II: The New Challengers’, but they are not the only classic World Warriors who have reached their full potential: taking advantage of the San Diego Comiccon 2017 Capcom has confirmed The presence of Shin Akuma in the game, but also we can control it to destroy our adversaries with him.

To add a touch of context, Shin Akuma is a subtly more offensive variant of Akuma, which adds a readjustment to certain attributes and allows him to launch up to two projectiles in the air, something that drastically limits the mobility of his adversaries. In fact, he is a regular in the series ‘Street Fighter Alpha’, although we have seen in other titles and crossovers.

The system to unlock Shin Akuma consists of five simple steps to do and memorize, and honor the trick that unlocked the Akuma himself in ‘Super Street Fighter II Turbo’, although it must be recognized that it could have been simplified a little bit more .

1 st. Select Ryu and cancel the selection with its color variant 1
2nd. Select Ken and cancel the selection with its color variant 9
3rd. Select Sagat and cancel the selection with its color variant 8
4th. Select M. Bison (the Jefazo) and cancel the selection with its color variant 7
5th. Put us on the Random Fighter box and press the L and R buttons at the same time.

If we have successfully completed the process, Shin Akuma will be selected automatically. In fact, the game will allow us to choose their own color variants and we will even be able to create new variants from the color editor, as well as check their stats and command lists once we have used them.

What’s more, we can use the trick in other modes like Vs. or Combat Duo although its use is restricted in tournaments or fighting over the internet. It is not the first time that Shin Akuma is banned at the competitive level, and is that, after all, it is an extra fighter that adds an interesting touch, but with the potential to destroy online mode in the right hands.

‘Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers’ arrived in late May to Nintendo Switch demonstrating that it was not a more recreational version of classic, but the latest, polished and updated edition of a timeless game. A love letter to fans of the saga that coincides – and not by chance – with the 30th anniversary of the saga. Is this the only surprise that Capcom had reserved for the occasion?

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