The Sonic Forces Speed Battle Racing Game Lands on iOS by Surprise

There are still a few weeks until the release of ‘Sonic Forces’, but SEGA has had an idea to make the wait more entertaining and has been to publish a game for mobile devices inspired by this new installment of the fast hedgehog blue.

It’s about ‘Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle’, a racing game featuring characters like Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and many more and in which we can compete against three other players in an exciting online mode where there will be that demonstrate who is the fastest of all.

For this we will have to collect rings, dodge the enemies and the traps that are on the stage and obtain objects that will serve to hinder the progress of our rivals. It will also be possible to raise the characters and unlock new tracks and other characters in the series, including Omega, Vector or Spy.

At the moment ‘Sonic Forces Speed ​​Battle’ is only available for iOS devices, although it would be normal to think that sooner or later will enable its download on Android. In the gameplay that accompanies the news you can see in more detail how its mechanics, but also you can get an idea with the images that appear above these lines.

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