Sonic Mania: New Bonus Stages, Special Levels and the Renewed Time Attack

Looping, floating platforms, enemies too well positioned and tubes that will make us reach supersonic speeds are elements very associated with classic Sonic games, but the bonus phases are part of the essence of the saga and could not be missing in ‘ Sonic Mania ‘.

The final tribute to the supersonic hedgehog SEGA has in hand has shown in a new trailer the appearance of its emblematic special stages and bonus, which will serve as an extra challenge while collecting countless rings during the process. The best? Reaffirm that the project is a love letter to fans.

On one hand in Sonic Mania we will have the opportunity to make emeralds of chaos through totally new levels and adding elements of the special phases of MegaDrive and Mega CD. The mechanics come to be the same as ‘Sonic 3’: if we find a huge ring and we jump in we will finish in a special level where we will have a single attempt to obtain one of the powerful jewels.

The objective is to catch the flying object that carries the emerald in through a gameplay inspired by the phases of ‘Sonic CD’ although collecting spheres as in ‘Sonic 3’ to gain speed (and be more exposed to obstacles).

What’s more, we’ll see a set of obstacles and rings that remind us of the bonus stages of the legendary ‘Sonic 2’, as well as a multitude of objects on the horizon that we can recognize from those psychedelic bonus stages of the title with which Sonic debuted in Megadrive. In addition we will be able to cross them with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, although it is yet to see if there will be concrete advantages for each personage.

Now, if we go through a control point with more than 50 rings collected, there will be a few sparks that will lead us to the special phases of Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. We will meet again with those enormous labyrinths on a spherical surface in which we can only control our direction as we go forward. Reason for celebration for some, nightmares for others and pure nostalgia for all.

Finally, the new Time Attack mode will not only allow us to surpass our own records, but to compete against those of other users in world rankings. Now, the interesting thing is that we will have the possibility to return to the last post marked to polish our perfect stretch mark, at the price of losing all our rings, of course.

‘Sonic Mania’ will be available from August 15 on Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC with the intention of demonstrating that the retro style is the one that best suits the SEGA mascot; The definitive return of Sonic? In a couple of weeks we’ll have it even clearer.

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