Sonic Mania: PC Version is Delayed Two Weeks

If we start the day with a lively opening of Sonic Mania loaded with nostalgia, hours later it becomes official that its launch in desks is going to August 29, yes, keeping the dates provided in Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

This decision has been shared through an official note from the official accounts of Sonic, indicating that the development team is polishing the PC version. Now, those who reserve the digital edition through Steam or bet on the succulent special edition will receive a compensation that they can enjoy since August 15: a digital code with the original ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.

In fact, the note itself indicates that this code can be redeemed in our own Steam account, and if you already have the game we can offer it as a gift to another user. But it is also interesting to remember that the first ‘Sonic’ can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android through the SEGA Forever collection, yes, with advertising

However, according to the official account of the game on facebook, in the case of special editions are expected to arrive in time to homes and physical stores, although the code to activate ‘Sonic Mania’ will not be active until two Weeks.

‘Sonic Mania’ is presented as the definitive tribute to the classic ‘Sonic’, continuing the visual and playable style of the original trilogy and ‘Sonic & Knuckles’ on the current generation consoles, and 14 days later on PC. Of course, the wait is making Sonic fans eternal on any platform.

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