A speedrunner of Dark Souls III finish it with the eight world records of the game

Among the speedrunners there are usually people who are really skilled with the games they play or dominate to the point that they usually perform feats that most people do not usually get. The saga ‘Dark Souls’ by all is known as one of the most complicated to overcome and if we add that on a speedrun must go as quickly as possible, because the task is even more complicated.

However, the user Nemz38 has shown that he is not afraid of anything and that for him to go ‘Dark Souls III’ is something of the simplest, especially if we take into account that he has recently managed to get hold of each and every one of the world records that has the title of From Software.

In total there are eight different categories that exist, among which are to spend the game as quickly as possible (Any%), defeat all the final bosses, unlock all the achievements or beat all the final bosses along with those of the DLC and without raising the statistics of his character, this category being the most recent in which he has reached the first position with a time of 1:36:46.

Some of these records have been showing for a few months, although there are users whose times are very similar, so we’ll see how long the glory lasts. Similarly, at the moment Nemz38 is the only person in the world who can boast of having achieved this incredible goal. If you want to see how it plays, do not miss the video that accompanies these lines.

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