The Spelunker Party Demo! and Oceanhorn Will Be Available This Week on Nintendo Switch

The demos are usually a great opportunity to try out those games with which we have doubts about whether to acquire them to add them to our catalog or not. Users of Nintendo Switch will have the option to check this week with the arrival of two new demos.

One of them corresponds to the ‘Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas’, the action adventure and fantasy that has already visited other platforms previously and has been on sale in the Nintendo console since this summer. FDG Entertainment has announced that the demo will be available for download from October 12th.

Its creators are especially proud of the success that has reached their game in Nintendo Switch after having sold more units in it than in the rest of systems together, so it is expected that their intention with this demo is that the figure increases more still.

Regarding the second demo, it’s the ‘Spelunker Party!’, Which in this case will be to open mouth until its launch on October 19. The demo is available from today and with it users will be able to try solo or with friends some of the levels that will be included in the final version.

The game of exploration and platforms will take us to explore mysterious caves in which we await all kinds of traps, rocks and dark creatures. In addition, in the game that will arrive next week will include an online multiplayer mode, since the demo is only local.

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