Square Enix Explains Why Secret of Mana Remake is not Planned for Nintendo Switch

When Square Enix announced the development of ‘Secret of Mana Remake‘ announced that it would only come to PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Steam, but why a title that was born in Super Nintendo, is present in ‘Seiken Desentsu Collection’ and in the SNES Mini, will not reach the Nintendo Switch?

Its producer, Masaru Oyamada, wanted to respond to that question in an interview with Red Bull, in which he indicated that the main reason is because the development of this remake was planned since before Nintendo Switch existed .

The development of the title began before Switch was announced, so it was definitely beyond our expectations to see the level of anticipation that was with the launch of the console.

As far as our current circumstances are concerned, we can not confirm that it will eventually come to Nintendo Switch, but we hope to continue listening to the requests of our fans.

If we rely on the good relationship that they are maintaining Square Enix and Nintendo lately it would not be crazy to think that ‘Secret of Mana Remake’ ends up seeing the light in the future on the console of the great N. The good news is that Oyamada has not said a “no” resounding, so time will tell what happens in that regard.
Secret Of Mana Remake 02

Whatever happens, what is indisputable is that ‘Secret of Mana Remake’ will go on sale on PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Steam on February 15, 2018 only in digital format, presenting a facelift throughout its visual section , adding kinematics with voices for the protagonists and improvements in the control system.

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