Square Enix to publish Grimms Notes on Western Mobile Devices

Square Enix wants to continue expanding its market in mobile devices and that is why it has announced the launch of ‘Grimms Notes’ in the West, its successful role-playing game that was published in January last year in Japan, where it has been downloaded more than 15 millions of times.

The title reviews the different stories that the brothers Grimm wrote in his time with his stories and other great authors of fables, so that we will find characters of Red Riding Hood, Aladdin, Cinderella and many more.

To make the game reach a wider audience, aside from using characters recognized by all, Square Enix ensures that the controls are very simple to play with a mobile, in addition to boasting that it has very detailed graphics that give a great visual section

However, beyond the intention of bringing ‘Grimm Notes’ to the West, it has not been specified when this RPG will be available on iOS and Android, so we’re waiting.

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