Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection incluirá los modos Training y Versus en el parche de lanzamiento

Although having the twelve 2D titles of ‘Street Fighter’ is the same game is an incentive capable of tempting fans of the saga and nostalgic for the arcades, true passionate about fighting games will demand in ‘Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection ‘an environment with which to challenge each other, either online or sharing a sofa. Capcom is aware of that.

Ryu and company return with the promise of offering a dozen faithful conversions their corresponding arcade versions. However, beyond the gallery and the database we will have access to two added modes that, today, can not be missing in any current fighting game: Versus mode and Training mode.

However, as indicated in the blog, it will be necessary to connect our console (and the game) to the internet to access these modes, as they will be available through the launch patch scheduled for May 29 itself.

A procedure that we must do whether we want to measure our skills with other players or if we want to perfect combos to be the definitive fighters. And, through a new entry in the official blog, we know a little better how they will be integrated into the experience.

Unlike other compilations of fighting games or Street Fighter, such as the ‘Street Fighter Alpha Anthology’, this time all titles will be integrated into the Versus mode, so we will not have to access each delivery, nor will it be a It’s annoying to leave if we want to alternate between games.

The process, once the game is chosen, is as simple as selecting a character, choosing the stage and starting the match. In fact, at the end of each fight we will have the option of a rematch or return to the title selection screen in Versus.

In addition, the interfaces will include extra information related to each game, such as the launch date, the hardware that was used and even details related to each scenario, such as its geographical location or the wrestler it hosts.

The training mode is, together with the online one, where we will spend the most time if we want to perfect our game. As we already mentioned, we can play ‘Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting’, ‘Super Street Fighter II: Turbo’, ‘Street Fighter Alpha 3’ and ‘Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike’ against players from all over the world, but it will be the Training where the combos will be born that will guarantee us the victory.

‘Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection’ will offer a training menu in which to study the damage, the number of hits or how to hit the hits. In addition to options dedicated to the mechanics of each delivery as the Parry, Custom Combos or Contra-alphas.

The release patch will be available with the release of ‘Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection’ on May 29 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC adding ‘Ultra Street Fighter IV’ as a reserve bonus, while the Nintendo Switch version, scheduled for the same day and that can be booked digitally, will add an exclusive exclusive tournament mode until now of the arcades.

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