Street Fighter V: Exotic Menat Will Join the World Warriors This Week

Capcom faces the next fighter in joining the panel of selectable ‘Street Fighter V’ and although Menat seems a little thing compared to Abigail’s mastodon, his repertoire of movements looks as interesting as lethal in the right hands.

Interestingly, Menat is the first fighter created for the occasion within the second batch of post-release characters, if we consider that the rest of advertised had already appeared in previous installments in one way or another. Now, his teacher is a veteran of the saga: just see if trailer presentation to recognize the style of Rose.

Menat combat strategy is not as simple as other wrestlers, but dominating it is worth it: use the orb that carries with it both to limit the opponent’s movements, to extend their combos, to be able to return missiles or displace their enemy In several directions while staying in the same place, but also has some acrobatic tricks.

The first time he showed to Menat was in the story mode illustrations of Ed, the boy Balrog rescued in ‘Street Fighter IV’ and one of the selectable of this delivery. Now, along with the Menat will be available two alternative costumes in the store in-game.

It is interesting to remember that one of the extra costumes (related to story mode) can be unlocked with Fight Money, while the other forms part of the second season pass of ‘Street Fighter V’ along with the fighter herself, as well as Akuma , Kolin, Ed, Abigail and a new character to be confirmed.

Now, along with Menat, and taking advantage of the 30th anniversary of the saga, Capcom announced the arrival of four new alternative costumes in which we will see Guile, Bison, Karin and Ibuki with their best finery, although in this case will be available for purchase 3.99 each piece.

Both Menat and the four costumes that will commemorate the three decades of Ryu and company will be available from next August 29 on both PS4 and PC. Will they be the only surprises that Capcom has prepared for this date?

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