Suicune is the New Legendary Dog that Can Capture in Pokémon GO in October

We have just welcomed October and that means for the users of ‘Pokémon GO’ who already have the possibility to go out to get a new legendary Pokémon for the next 31 days and that will correspond to one of the three legendary dogs of ‘Pokémon Gold’ and ‘Silver Pokémon’.

Throughout the month of September users have had the opportunity to get hold of Entei. However, if you have been left without it, you will have to wait for a future event to have a new opportunity. Until then, Suicune will be its substitute in some of the Gymnasium Incursions of all Europe.

However, if you live in Asia, you can do these weeks with Raikou, while the users of America will now be the ones who should try to catch Entei during the month of October.

In addition, in the last days some lucky ones have received an Pass of EX Raid that has allowed them to participate in a special Incursion to fight against Mewtwo and thus to choose to capture him in the case of defeating to him. It only remains to wait for sooner or later to stop being selective for certain players and become for everyone without exception.

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