Tetris celebrates its 33rd anniversary

Tetris has turned 33 on June 6. We are talking about one of the most famous videogames that exist and that, surely, practically everybody has played at some time in his life. Fast, simple and addictive, this game catches immediately because at the moment you know exactly what you should do. They say their success lies in the human need to sort chaos.

Tetris is the best-selling puzzles video game in history and is inspired by a board game called Pentominoes. It was created by Alexei Pajitnov in a Russian terminal Elektronika 60 while working for the Academy of Sciences of Moscow and was launched to the market in 1984. Everything a classic that today maintains the popularity after its launch and has become a whole Icon just like characters like Mario, Sonic or Pac-Man.

Some of his curiosities: he has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for being the game that has appeared in more platforms and was the first videogame that arrived at the space when a Russian astronaut took with him in 1993 of trip to the MIR. Did you know that a study has shown that playing a game of Tetris calms the craving for a cigarette?

For its creator one of the happiest moments of its life was when in 2014 a game was played to Tetris in the facade of a skyscraper of 29 plants in Philadelfia with hundreds of assistants enjoying the moment. That day Alexei stated that the dream of his youth was that the game was available on a screen for anyone who wanted to play.

Tetris and some of its figures:

  • 35 million cartridges sold in Game Boy
    2 million copies sold for Nintendo DS
    425 million mobile payment downloads

To celebrate its anniversary we show you this interesting commemorative infographic created by Stampaprint, click on the image and then enlarge it to appreciate the interesting details it offers. We hope you like it.

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