These are all the new features of Season 6 of Fortnite: pets, new locations and more

Season 6 of ‘Fortnite’ today comes loaded with new features, as it could not be otherwise, and VidaExtra we want to tell you all that this patch v.6.00 brings: new objects, locations and more.

We’ll start by highlighting the main novelties of the Battle Royale mode and then we’ll see what Epic has prepared for the Save the World mode.

Battle Royale

Probably the most striking in the Battle Royale is the arrival of pets, something we had already known through the latest leaks. But let no one be scared: these animals are not going to run on the map, but will go to our back, in the backpack. A nice touch, look at the pint that some have:

On the other hand we have a new consumable called Piedras de Sombra. We will find these stones near the new corrupted areas of the map and when using them we will enter a new state known as the Shady Form during which:

  • We will be invisible to enemies while we are still
  • We will not be able to use weapons
  • If we move we will leave a visible trail, but we will go faster and we will be able to jump more
  • We will have a new skill called Phase that, using the firing button, will propel us towards where we are looking and will allow us to cross objects
  • The effect lasts 45 seconds, but we can deactivate it before using the point trigger

Four new locations also arrive on the island, something that is always appreciated. These are:

  • Floating island
  • Corrupt areas
  • Cornfields
  • Enchanted castle

To that we must add the changes that have suffered the other areas of the island, of course. We are looking forward to discovering them.

Those are the main novelties of Season 6 in terms of Battle Royale mode. If you want to know all the notes of the patch with the corrected errors and other improvements related to the UI, the sound or the performance, you will find them here.

Save the world

As usual, the Save the World mode also receives news with each update, but the Battle Royale is still the star mode. The highlight of this patch in Save the World is the arrival of a new enemy known as Riot Shell, as well as a mini-event called Intensive Study with which we can get additional rewards.

During the mini-event, for example, mini-boss mission alerts will award double XP, evolution materials and gold instead of tickets. They will not grant heroes, schemes, survivors, minillams, transformation keys or paVos, eye. In addition four missions have been added, each with ten phases that will grant unique rewards each time better when completing them.

As Riot Shell, the new enemy, carries a refrigerator door as a shield with which you can block most of our frontal attacks. It will also be used to hit us and may even appear with elementary modifiers.

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