Trunks Enters the Scene In The New Trailer of Dragon Ball FighterZ

We knew that Trunks would be the next fighter to announce himself for ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’, but what we were not prepared was for his impressive appearance: the young man who came from the future returns preserving the look with which he debuted in Dragon Ball Z and his trailer of Presentation makes it clear that it will live up to the rest of the characters.

As seen in his first trailer, and unlike Vegeta, Trunks will specialize in close combat taking advantage of his sword to extend the combos. Of course, it will not be lacking resources at long distance and next to its movements more known as the Burning Attack or Super Buster we will see the auction with which sentenced to Mecha Freezer or its fulminating Heat Dome.

Along with the presentation of Trunks has confirmed that the beta of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ will start on July 26 and will do so with no less than nine selectable characters: the 6 already known and the two that will be presented in the V-Jump the Next 21st of July. Tremendous news for fans of ‘Dragon Ball’

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