UFO 50 is The Last Madness of the Creator of Spelunky

‘Spelunky’ (2012) is one of the most rewarding and challenging games of recent years. Derek Yu was able to reinvent and enhance his homonym work of 2008, turning it into another immediate classic, a timeless platform.

Hence we are surprised now with his next job, after years of drought: ‘UFO 50′. A collection of 50 minigames (both solo and multiplayer, depends on the title) retro cut and encompassing all kinds of genres.

Platforms, shoot’em ups, puzzles, RPGs … There will be (almost) everything and Derek Yu assures that all of them can be considered complete games by themselves, and that added can give us a duration of more than 100 hours. ‘UFO 50’ we can enjoy it in 2018, on a specific date, by PC and other systems to be confirmed. Coming from who comes, it sure is a delight.

See what you think the crazy trailer.

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