Universal Studios Japan unveils two spectacular attractions based on Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter. Here you have your trailers

Universal has found a new thematic vein with video games and if their plans to take the universe of Nintendo are especially ambitious, it is not far behind its proposal in the short term: the sagas’ Final Fantasy ‘and’ Monster Hunter will have their own attractions in the Universal Studios Japan amusement park, and the Cloud Strife itself will be one of its attractions.

On the occasion of the ‘Cool Japan’ event that will take place between January 19 and June 24, 2018, Universal has shown four new attractions inspired by some of the greatest exponents of Japanese culture, two of them dedicated to manganimes of ‘Detective Conan’ and ‘Sailor Moon’ and two more to the most successful series of Square Enix and Capcom.

In fact, these proposals use avant-garde mixed reality technology: on the one hand, ‘Final Fantasy XR Ride’ makes use of XR technology, betting on an experience that allows to travel through a series of full scenes that transport visitors to the universes of ‘Final Fantasy’ offering a spectacular perspective of the collision of swords of Cloud and Sephiroth.

According to Universal, this attraction makes use of an evolution of the concept of Virtual Reality, offering a combination of clear images and a sense of unique gravity during the trip in which the key is in the own synchronization of experiences. Moreover, Yoshitaka Amano himself endorses this attraction.

The Monster Hunter experience becomes “real”

The attraction ‘Monster Hunter The Real’ bets for a different experience, although it also bets to combine technology and real elements. In this case reproducing the epic hunts and allowing us to confront monsters through AR technology (augmented reality) with weapons in hand.

In front we will have different weapons and monsters of classic games like the Rioleus, as well as new creatures that will debut in ‘Monster Hunter: World’. In addition, those who visit the attraction will receive a series of exclusive digital content for the upcoming game that can be redeemed through a code included with the ticket.

Of course, Universal does not miss the opportunity to offer all kinds of merchandise from the games on which the attractions are based: from wristwatches with the ‘Final Fantasy XR Ride’ logo to themed menus inspired by Monster icons and plates Hunter And yes, we will find all kinds of stuffed animals, plates and collectibles.

For its part, both sagas premiere new deliveries imminently: on the one hand ‘Monster Hunter World’ will be the great leap of the saga of Capcom in the West on January 26 while Square Enix will bring together all the heroes and villains in his saga of RPGs in ‘DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT’ four days later. Two great excuses that perhaps convince more than one to take a trip to Japan before the summer is over.

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