Battletech sets the date of its departure with a new trailer. These are your minimum and recommended requirements on PC and Mac

The MechWarriors return to PC and Mac with the endorsement -and the double responsibility- of Paradox and a community of fans of the saga and passionate about the strategy that in 2015 financed the project in less than an hour on Kickstarter. Of course, in less than a month we will discover if it is up to the expectations: ‘Battletech’ will be available on April 24

Of course, although his first adaptation of this universe created for board games came into the hands of activision in 1989, the truth is that it is worthwhile to delve into the most logical question: what is ‘Battletech’? The trailer in which the release date is announced puts us in context.

We are in 3025 and the galaxy is caught in a cycle of perpetual war in which the noble houses turn to powerful units that define the fate of each battle: the BattleMechs.

‘Battletech’ proposes to take control of more than 30 BattleMechs in turn-based battles in which the type of terrain, our positioning, the type of weapons available to us and even the regular maintenance that we do of our BattleMechs will decant the results to our favor … or against us. And yes, we can also recruit mercenaries for our cause.

Upgrade your Starfaring operations base, negotiate mercenary contracts with feudal lords, repair and keep your old BattleMechs aged, and execute devastating combat tactics to defeat your enemies on the battlefield.

The saga ‘Battletech’ has been seen in many media, in addition to a large series of games and spin-offs, television series and movies have been produced, although to enjoy this new adaptation we must meet a series of requirements in PC and Mac

The fate of the galaxy will once again be in the cannons of these titans. And if we do not bet on your successful crowdfunding campaign, we will have two options to address this new delivery: the normal edition (which can be purchased for 39.99 euros, and the Digital Deluxe Edition that adds an art book, the BSO, Wallpapers, avatars and icons for 49.99 euros.

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