Get Ready To Scare Your Rival: Hide and Shriek Happens To Be Free on Steam

There are video games that celebrate Halloween with new events and companies that prefer to opt for something different and give away one of its titles, as is the case of Funcom, the creators of ‘Conan Exiles’, who have announced that from now on ‘Hide and Shriek’ you can get it free via Steam forever.

Hide and Shriek was previously paid and presents a competitive multiplayer one-on-one in which both will control some students of an institute that will be dedicated to frighten each other in games with a duration of ten minutes that will have this goal so simple .

On the basis of scaring the other will get points that are the ones who will decide at the end of the game who has won, but for this not only will be enough to give scares. We will also have to try to get our opponent to fall into the traps we put or perform an ancestral ritual, all while we remain invisible so that he does not know where we are.

In total there will be more than 30 different spells in Hide and Shriek with which we can blind the rival, summon a demon and much more that you can see more in detail in the trailer that you have located above. In addition, to make it more terrifying, we can use masks of characters like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, which is scary.

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