Jotun: Valhalla Edition Can Be Downloaded for FREE on Steam Due To The Release Date of Sundered

If you wanted to increase your list of Steam games, you will be happy to know that the guys at Thunder Lotus Games wanted to give us some good news to start the weekend and that is that they have announced that ‘Jotun: Valhalla Edition’ can be obtained for free On Steam temporarily.

As is usual in these cases, it will only be necessary to access the page of this game in the online store of Valve, click on the “Install” button and it will automatically become yours forever this action title set in mythology Nordic that has a visual section with some drawings that seem to be made by hand.

Thunder Lotus Games has announced that this great promotion is to celebrate that it has just announced the date on which will go on sale ‘Sundered’ on PlayStation 4 and PC and will be within a few days, as this metroidvania, whose Graphics will follow a style similar to that of ‘Jotun’ will arrive on July 28.

In the case of this new game that will be launched in a few days we will tour a series of caves populated by terrifying creatures and gigantic final bosses. The route to follow will never be the same, given that its design will be procedural and to leave alive all these dangers will have to employ relics that will give special abilities to our protagonist, but that will mean that little by little will lose part of his humanity.

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