Minecraft on Consoles Gets a Big Update

Minecraft has received a great update on consoles with new content.

This update comes out immediately on the Xbox and Playstation consoles and will arrive overnight at Switch and Wii U. By the way they talk about it on the blog, it could be the last big update before the Better Together that will join the all consoles online except the Playstation, who have chosen not to join the rest. In any case, MS has confirmed that they will continue releasing updates for consoles that do not enter the Better Together.

The new features include seven new trophies / achievements, a new interface engine that should save memory and improve performance, animals like llamas or parrots, a mansion, treasure maps, new blocks or the option to resize maps to fit between Platforms. The complete list is on the link on the first line.

Two payment packs have also been launched taking advantage of the occasion, one with acrobatic challenges and another with animal skins.

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