Outbreak: The New Nightmare Follows the Classic Resident Evil Style

In a world in which Resident Evil 7 demonstrated that in the middle of 2017 that “back to the origins” can be done but not very literally, adapting some things to the new times, there are wonderfully reactionary proposals like this Outbreak: The New Nightmare that landed a few days ago in the program Steam Early Access and that, although it does not have many ambitions, goes with his idea ahead: to be a survival horror similar to the first Resident Evil.

Although graphics are not exactly up to date and the pace of the shootings is slightly faster than the original Resident Evil, the game of Americans Dead Drop Studios has also another concrete reference in the saga: Resident Evil: Outbreak takes Provided the cooperative game, allowing other players to join the ride between zombies but always optional; Putting it in offline mode we play alone.

This Outbreak: The New Nightmare is, by the way, the continuation of Outbreak, a game that arrived last January and that drew the same premise but with 2D graphics and in overhead view, also with a cooperative component and time trial. Its sequel, however, is not the only game that bets on the old formula of the genre directly synthesized Resident Evil and other Japanese titles: a few years ago we had something as exotic here as an Indonesian approach to survival Asian horror in DreadOut.

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