StarCraft Remastered Confirmed Launch For August 14th

We had been waiting for some time for Blizzard to confirm the date that StarCraft: Remastered was going to go on sale, which as its own name indicates will be the remastering of this great real-time strategy game and makes a few Minutes the Californian company has indicated the official day in which it will arrive.

So, go to your calendars on August 14th, which will be the day that will finally arrive this expected new version and that will also do it with a very affordable price: only 14.99 $.

Blizzard has warned that all those who make their advance purchase before the date indicated will receive in return three unique building aspects: the Char hive, the Korhal command center and the Aiur nexus. In addition, everyone who gets involved with it will also get several gifts for ‘StarCraft II’: including Cooperative Missions Commander Alexei Stukov and three new portraits of this remastering.

Among the innovations that we can find in this new version, which will include all the original content and the expansion ‘Brood War’, will of course a face-lift in all aspects visual, with compatibility with UHD panoramic displays with 4K resolutions. Also added are player profiles with individual statistics, a saved in the cloud for everything that is done in the campaign, in addition to keyboard shortcuts and repetitions.

On the other hand, with the press of a button it will be possible to switch between the original and new graphics to better verify the visual change you have obtained. Finally, all players who do with StarCraft Remastered will be able to play with those who have the original game, since the multiplayer games will be the same for all, with the difference that those who do with the new will have new systems Allocation of items and classifications.

There is less left to enjoy epic space battles with the Terran, Zerg and Protoss.

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