Steam Already Allows To Give Away Digital Gift CardS

Valve does not give stitch without thread and, on the eve of autumn sales, announces an interesting alternative to the Steam gift system: it is now possible to give credit directly to other players through a Digital Gift Card.

What does that mean? As with prepaid cards that can be found in physical stores, we can add funds directly to a friend’s or family’s Steam Wallet so they can decide what they want to buy with the deposit. In fact the process is very similar to giving a digital game on Steam.

Simply access the store, select the desired amount, the contact with whom we want to have the detail and formalize the process as any purchase on Steam through the usual payment methods.

What’s more, the type of currency is adapted to each country and in the case of Spain we are talking about cards ranging from 5 $ to 100 $. Of course we can also give away two of 10 euros if we do not want to spend 25 euros. In addition, it is possible to make gifts to friends and contacts from other countries, making the change of currency automatically.

However, there are a number of specific (and quite reasonable) conditions that the platform requires: the most significant is that, logically, both users must have an account on Steam, but we must also have it added as a friend in our account three days As minimum.

On the other hand, our beneficiary must accept the gift previously, being notified when the process is completed. In case the funds decline, the amount will be reimbursed. In addition, it is not possible to purchase gift cards with funds that we already have in our account. A measure of avoiding monetary speculation perhaps?

Naturally, we can continue to give away games as always, but this will allow those who receive these funds to spend it on whatever they want: games, micropayments, content and articles of the Steam Community Market or simply save a little bit each month to get a Steam Controller.
In this way, it is not only impossible to fail to make a gift to our friends, but giving a physical gift card becomes a totally optional procedure, especially for those who do not have a credit card or prefer to use their own funds in instead of associating a PayPal account.

A more interesting option that will help improvise gifts, have more sporadic details, avoid giving away games that already have in your library and, with a Halloween sales peeping, will allow more than one (and two) to glove ‘Cuphead‘, ‘Stardew Valley’ or ‘Project CARS 2’ even at the end of the month.

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