Winter Wonderland arrives tomorrow at Overwatch- With a 5v1 mode: Mei’s Yeti Hunt.

overwatch winter wonderland

The Overwatch Return to Inverlandia event will start tomorrow, December 12th.

The event will include new legendary skins from Hanzo, Junkrat and Roadhog as well as others to be announced. As in previous events, you will be able to get skins from last year for fewer credits.

In addition to the return of the Mei mode: Snowball Operation, a new mode called Mei’s Yeti Hunt will arrive, in which a team of five Mei will face a single Winston. In the style of the Evolve game, the five Mei will start as hunters while Winston will have to look for power-ups. If you get enough, the tables are changed and the five Mei must flee.

The Black Forest map will receive a Christmas version, which joins those of King’s Row and Hanamura.

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