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The remake of Shadow of the Colossus for PlayStation 4 is Seen in a New Trailer [TGS 2017]

In the Sony conference of E3 2017 one of the announcements that occurred was the remake of ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ for PlayStation 4, which was great news for all fans of Fuji Ueda video games and did not have opportunity to play it at the time on PS2 or PS3 or simply want to […]

Announced Left Alive, a new Square Enix shooter with Metal Gear saga artist Yoji Shinkawa [TGS 2017]

The Sony conference held at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 has left us with a few trailers and also with some surprise. One of them has been ‘Left Alive’, the new video game that is developing Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and PC and that will present us an action and survival shooter. All these […]

The conflict between humans and androids in the new Detroit trailer: Become Human [TGS 2017]

The Sony Conference of the Tokyo Game Show 2017 has served to re-see some of the video games we already knew were in development for PlayStation 4 and one of them is ‘Detroit: Become Human’, the new Quantic Dream, the creators of ‘Heavy Rain’ or ‘Beyond: Two Souls’. The trailer is in Japanese, but at […]

Samurai Shodown V Special Will Arrive Tomorrow to PS4 and PS Vita and it Does With a New Trailer

In mid-July SNK and Sony announced that sometime this summer PS4 and PS Vita would release a version of ‘Samurai Shodown V Special’ that will have some important developments unlike the original that was published in NeoGeo at the time, like the solution of some important errors or the elimination of the censorship that was […]

Dead Rising 4 Release for PS4: Frank Returns With DLCs and With a New Mode

‘If you’ve been away for a long time, you’re always good at taking gifts to your friends.’ These are the words that Frank West puts forward two big commercials in the latest trailer for ‘Dead Rising’: next December ‘Dead Rising 4’ will hit PS4 and will be full of content. Although the third installment of […]

PlayStation Plus Games Announced For the Month of September

Sony has announced the list of games that will be available for free during the month of September for subscribers of PlayStation Plus. Things improve this month, with titles like inFAMOUS: Second Son, Child of Light and RIGS for PlayStation VR. Also on offer is That’s You, and two games for Vita with crossbuy on […]