The Classic Windjammers Will Come Back to Life on August 29 on PS4 and PS Vita

DotEmu will be in charge of making us relive old days in a few weeks when you put on sale on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita the video game ‘Windjammers’, one of the titles that won the most in the 90’s in recreational rooms with their proposal and that will return to Life on 29 August.

In it we competed in a sport in which the players had to throw a flying disc and to make that it hit in the wall of the side of the field of the opponent, well until reaching a certain amount of points. Of course, the shots could be launched more or less fast and with effects, which made it difficult sometimes to catch the disk so that they do not mark us points.

In the trailer that has been published on the occasion of its launch date you can see in more detail its mechanics, in case you did not know the game, and so to know the six international characters that can be selected, Spanish J. Costa.

Its graphics will remain the same as more than 20 years ago, but as a novelty will include a local and online multiplayer mode and a rank mode that will allow you to compete against other people with the same level of skill as we.

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