God of War: the trailer for E3 2016 versus the final version on PS4 Pro

With our final impressions of ‘God of War’ hot and expectations overfilled, it was time to take the floor to study Santa Monica and see how much of that promise we were made in June 2016 has been reflected in the final version of the game.

And, we’re not going to deny it, Sony put all the meat in the spit when it came to announcing the return of Kratos: from a prelude that – through majestic choirs – sought to make our hair stand on end, until the bars end of the game trailer. One that came to present us as gameplay.

Two years later, the IGN YouTube channel retrieves that video and makes it share the screen with the version of the game on a PS4 Pro, console that had not been presented then. This is the result.

Starting from the essential, we will see how the entrance of the Phantom of Sparta has been reconsidered completely, and the reason is very simple: now the lighting of the scene has been integrated and the lights of the candles rethink the image.

In fact, there is no need to resort to an opening of light from the roof, which is very logical considering the inclement temperature that has to do in that region. However, it is at this point that one of the most successful changes of this installment comes to light: since ‘God of War’ is presented in a single sequence shot we will see how Barlog starts playing with the camera.

On the other hand, the final model of Kratos may show us a much more seasoned character, but he also gains enormous photorealism points on several levels. Something that is reflected in the details of the textures if we affect them.

At this point it is worth bearing in mind that we can now really see the environments of the game, which means contemplating the exterior of the house that we see at the beginning and how we go deeper into the forest through more elaborate structures. A change that adds more elements and that definitely feels much better to the whole.

In fact, we have not forgotten that comparative that we saw three months ago, and although there will be times when we will see fewer trees on the screen, in the final comparison you can see more detailed scenarios and with a greater number of elements, specially elaborated constructions and better effects, reflections and particles.

And it is fair to say that, if we thoroughly review the comparative, what is offered by Santa Monica is not only up to what is shown, but also improvements are appreciated, both at the level of lighting and clarity in textures or more complex elements such as the skins worn by Atreus and Kratos.

And it is that, although now it has been put in context what was shown then, we will also find some new elements that did not make sense to show two years ago and has polished one of the great achievements of this delivery: the impeccable artistic work that ends with Round up the proposal.

As Alex commented in our analysis, ‘God of War’ is not only the best game of the whole saga, but it is clearly posed as a game of the year. And whether or not that honor falls on him, which will be clear as of April 20, we are before a must of the current generation.

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