Here’s the trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the Next Great Adventure on PS4

With our final impressions still hot, we are very clear that ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ is much more than a DLC: it is one of the great releases of the month and the second half of the year. What’s more, Chloe and Nadine very carefully collect the witness Nathan Drake … and that means problems – and adventures – on a large scale.

The first installment of the Uncharted saga beyond the favorite cazatesoros of Sony consoles will be available next week. However, you will not have to wait until then to see how their protagonists share the same fate as the Drake bastard (which is not a good thing for them) in their launch trailer.

To recover an ancient Indian relic and prevent it from falling into the hands of an implacable arms dealer, Chloe Frazer must get the help of the famous mercenary Nadine Ross (from Uncharted 4).

After entering the mountainous region of the Western Ghats, Chloe and Nadine must learn to collaborate if they want to recover the relic and break through countless enemies to prevent the region from plunging into chaos.

Of course, beyond its main mode, ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ gives access to the Multiplayer and Survival modes of ‘Uncharted 4: The Undoing of the Thief’. The saga may not be known for its online section, but it is an added incentive, coupled with the inclusion of a copy of ‘Jak & Daxter’ with your reservation or a discounted price. Naughty Dog Studio is definitely making it very easy for your fans.

‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ can be purchased individually (both physically and digitally) and can also be downloaded free of charge by those who opted for the editions’ Digital Deluxe Edition ‘,’ Triple Pack ‘or’ Explorer’s Pack ‘of’ Uncharted 4 ‘from next August 23 on PS4.

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