Juan Returns To Hand out Punches In An Extensive Gameplay of Guacamelee! 2

The PlayStation Experience 2017 held this past weekend has served to announce some games that are close to PlayStation 4 and to offer new materials from other titles that we already knew. One of those who has been seen with his first gameplay has been ‘Guacamelee! 2 ‘, the sequel to the great Drinkbox Studios game.

Its creators appear in the video highlighting some of the details of this continuation, such as the fact that the plot will be set seven years after the first installment. Juan is already happily married and has two children, but it will not be long before the problems start that will force him to put on his mask again and jump back into action.

Our protagonist will have the same skills that we already knew, to which a new one will be added that will allow him to go out in the air to reach more distant places. However, what stands out most is the fact that chicken transformation will be more powerful than ever. Previously he could only peck, but now he can also grab, dodge and even have special powers, such as the possibility of transforming into a giant hen.

Another detail that has been dropped is that the main adventure will be longer than its predecessor without counting the side missions and other secrets that will play discover. On the other hand, in the gameplay you can verify that the game looks better with new effects thanks to the power of the consoles of the current generation.

At the moment the development of Guacamelee! 2 is only confirmed for PlayStation 4 and there is no news about whether it will end up being published in other systems. At least Drinkbox Studios has said it will go on sale soon, so maybe we’ll see it available early next year.

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