Monster Hunter World: how to unlock the Mega Man armor set for the comrade

It is now possible to forge the Mega Man armor set for our felyne in ‘Monster Hunter World’: from April 13 to 27 the temporary event that gives access to this set is available. We tell you everything you need to take into account to achieve it.

As it happened with the Ryu sets of ‘Street Fighter’ and Aloy of ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’, in order to unlock the Mega Man armor set we will have to carry out a specific mission and fulfill a series of requirements. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the missions board or talk to the person in charge. Select New mission, enter Events and select the mission called Good dog, bad dog.
  • This is a level 7 hunting mission, so you need to have an RC 13 or higher.
  • Enter and finish with two Odogaron in less than 50 minutes.
  • If you get it, you will get a series of materials and most importantly: 1 Mega Man’s Voucher.
  • Repeat the mission twice more, since you will need 3 Mega Man vouchers to forge the armor set.
  • Go to the Forge, talk to the Blacksmith, choose the option Forge comrade team, select the Set of armor option and there will appear the new set of Mega Man.

Nothing else. It is not necessary to get other types of materials since the armor sets of the felyne are very basic. Good hunting!


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