PlayStation 4 Continues Selling non-stop and Exceeds 70 Million Worldwide

On more than one occasion we have already highlighted that 2017 is being unforgettable for PlayStation 4 and its users. If this summer Sony already stressed that its desktop console was close to reaching 60 million units sold, now just announced that it has exceeded 70.6 million worldwide.

The whopping figure was achieved on December 3, but there is not everything, because in regard to the units sold video games has not been left behind, since they have exceeded 617.8 million copies in both physical format as those that have been acquired in digital.
Playstation Vr

In addition, PlayStation VR has not done anything wrong during its first year of life. If a few months ago we learned that more than one million units had been sold, since then and until now that amount has been doubled, so that more than two million units have been sold, while its exclusive games have been acquired more of 12.2 million, a figure that is not bad either.

And if this year has been amazing, 2018 is also really interesting. Just keep in mind that games like ‘God of War’, ‘Detroit: Become Human’, ‘Spider-Man’ and many more will arrive. Taking into account that the PlayStation Experience 2017 will be held this weekend, it is very likely that new titles will be released that PlayStation 4 will receive in order to continue increasing its units sold in all markets considerably.

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