PS4 Firmware 5.00 is Now Available

ps4 firmware 5.0

Playstation 4 firmware 5.00 is now available for download.

The update allows you to add family accounts to establish parental controls. Several of the users can be adults and all of them can adjust the options of access to content of the minors. Each child can have custom restrictions like how much money they can spend on PS Store or what titles they can play.

Now you can follow any player, not just the verified users. You can also create lists of friends to organize them better. Notifications will now appear on the quick menu when you click Home. If you are streaming on Playstation VR, you can see comments from viewers directly on the helmet.

The message interface has been modified, including previews of the links being sent. More information about the music played in Spotify will be displayed in the quick menu. You can now customize notifications, such as not showing up when watching videos or showing less detailed information, and changing their color. Finally, we have added the option of streaming at 1080p and 60 frames per second in Twitch from a PS4 Pro.

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