Samurai Shodown V Special Will Arrive Tomorrow to PS4 and PS Vita and it Does With a New Trailer

In mid-July SNK and Sony announced that sometime this summer PS4 and PS Vita would release a version of ‘Samurai Shodown V Special’ that will have some important developments unlike the original that was published in NeoGeo at the time, like the solution of some important errors or the elimination of the censorship that was applied to him.

Now it has been announced when it will go on sale this delivery of the well-known fight series and will only have to wait a few hours, because it will arrive tomorrow with the possibility of acquiring a 10% cheaper of its habitual price temporarily or with a discount of 20% in the case of being a member of PlayStation Plus.

On the occasion of its launch has distributed a new trailer that explains some of the most important features that will feature this title with somewhat exaggerated levels of violence by the amount of blood that will appear on the screen. In addition, it also shows the different game modes that can be selected.

This way users can challenge others from anywhere in the world thanks to their online multiplayer, consult images of the different characters in the Art Gallery or also listen at any time favorite subjects from a menu that will give access to their full soundtrack.

But if there is something that focuses on the whole trailer is in the gameplay that will test the ability of each one for their technical depth when executing movements such as Deflect, Blade Catch or Overkill attacks with which we do pieces to our opponents by breaking them in two. Tomorrow we will see who will survive these fights.

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