Secret of Mana Remake Gameplay

secret of mana remake

From the set that has been set up at PAX West to teach their next games, Square Enix has shown some gameplay of Secret of Mana, the remake of the much-loved Super Nintendo RPG that will be released on PC, PS4 and Vita the year comes. You can see it above these lines; just in case, underneath the whole you have another video, this one in Twitch, in the case of that of YouTube.

The information given is not very different from the one published a few days ago, when this remake was announced. The game is the same, they explain, because it is created by people who want and respect the original; they speak of the new soundtrack, of the new voices (the characters, unlike in the original, do not only speak through written text: they will also have, in many cases, recorded voices) and others.

Yes it is possible to see some nice detail, like the minimap, made with the graphics of the original; no more direct way of comparing, even if in that way, the new graphics of this “rebuild from scratch” with those of the Super Nintendo.

Secret of Mana will be available from February 15 of next year.

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