Sony announces a revised Playstation VR model

playstation vr revision

Sony has announced a review of Playstation VR.

It will include three new features regarding the original model:

  • The cable connecting the processing unit to the VR has been simplified into a single thinner cable.
  • The unit allows the pass-through with HDR cables. That is, it will allow the use of HDR when PSVR is turned off, without having to physically disconnect the processing unit as it has hitherto.
  • A new helmet design that facilitates concealment of headphone cables.

The cables of the old and new versions of PSVR will not be compatible with each other. The model number that will allow us to recognize it from the old one is CUH-ZVR2.

This new PSVR model will arrive on October 14 in Japan. We are waiting for the announcement of the date in the West, but it has been announced that the price will not change.

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