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This is the Supa RetroN HD: Hyperkin, Will Compete Against the SNES Mini

Long before the fever of the Mini NES or the future Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Nintendo Classic Mini (SNES Mini for friends), we had third party consoles that allowed us to enjoy the classics of our childhood, both using the original cartridges themselves, Or emulators. The Hyperkin house is one of the best known thanks […]

Namco Museum Expands Namco Museum with Pac-Man Vs.

Namco’s timeless jewels will arrive at Switch through ‘Namco Museum’, the traditional compilation of recreational classics, a sure bet in which we will meet again with ‘Dig-Dug’, ‘Galaga’ or ‘Galaga’ 88 ‘among others. . However, the legendary Comecocos will make a difference on this occasion by adding one of his most curious adaptations: the ‘Pac-Man […]