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Retro-Bit will manufacture accessories licensed by SEGA for Dreamcast, Saturn, Megadrive and more

Retro-Bit has announced an agreement with SEGA that will allow it to manufacture accessories for the consoles of the company, including the Megadrive, Saturn and Dreamcast. Platforms that were left to produce years ago and that of course are not for sale beyond the market of second hand and collecting. Retro-Bit, a company that has […]

Final Fantasy IX Remaster: Nine Reasons to Celebrate The Release and Dream Of The Remake

Nostalgia, that huge titan that will haunt us all our lives, has taken over our portfolio in the last years of the training industry. Whether it’s called SNES Mini, Remake HD, unnecessary sequel or Exclusive Refrito, the truth is that big companies have found a goldmine in that of reselling old proposals. It comes cheap […]

Samurai Shodown V Special Will Arrive Tomorrow to PS4 and PS Vita and it Does With a New Trailer

In mid-July SNK and Sony announced that sometime this summer PS4 and PS Vita would release a version of ‘Samurai Shodown V Special’ that will have some important developments unlike the original that was published in NeoGeo at the time, like the solution of some important errors or the elimination of the censorship that was […]