Ataribox, The New Atari Console Similar To The NES Mini

We are living a great time for all lovers of retro games and Atari has not wanted to miss the party. In E3 2017 published a brief teaser that showed what was in hand and now has wanted to officially present with images its Ataribox, a new console that will allow us to revive the classic games that were published in this mythical console a few decades ago.

Atari has indicated that its intention is to create something new that stays true to its roots and that at the same time is able to attract new and old amateurs alike. This will be reflected in turn in the design that will have the console, with a wood finish in tribute to the original Atari.
Ataribox 02

The so-called Ataribox will include a port for SD cards, an HDMI output and four USB ports. As for the models will be distributed two different, one with touches of wood and the other with the colors black and red. In addition, Atari has indicated that it wants to bring back classic games along with current content, without going into more detail, which could mean that the company is involved in the development of some title unique to this machine.

The purpose of the Ataribox seems very similar to the one of the NES Mini or the future SNES Mini, although at the moment it is possible to be read here. No more specific data have been provided such as its features, the games it will include, its price or the date on which it will go on sale, but Atari has promised that it will provide the information little by little while listening carefully to the opinions of the community .

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